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Starting point: propulsion test bench.

Endpoint: manufacture of new (aircraft, spacecraft) propulsion.

Only those descriptions that help to recognize the technological possibility are made public, so that the ability to realize it is not transferred.

The rudimentary vortex warp drive prototype (LTH-1) is capable of transmitting energy through dimension manipulation.

It is interesting to conduct practical research and development from the technological information obtained by Remote Viewing. The technology can be seen and interpreted in images. This could lead to the practical creation of complex new structures, including an energy transmission system. For example, in the case of new energy transmission, the structural substructure can be interpreted not only as the composition of the energy, but also as the line design required for the proper transmission. All of this information is used to design the propulsion.




Vortex Warp Drive it achieves a shortening of the linear distance because it changes the static behavior of the spatial structure. The dimensional process was observed visually, so the behavior of the spatial structure after activation became understandable from a static situation. In my opinion, this physical possibility can provide us with the stability and equilibrium of "infinite" structures, resulting in a state of equilibrium.

Vortex Warp Drive (LTH-1) prototype, changes the static position of the spatial structure locally as a result of a targeted activation. This allows either an energy package or material to travel a shorter distance between points A and B than the linear path, thus overcoming the linearity of the speed of light. The dimensional transmission of the 12V "short-circuit  power energy pack" was successful on the wortex warp drive LTH-1 test bench. This allows for initial calculations of "dimensional distance manipulation".


Propulsion component experiments: