AI input: UAP military remote viewing data

A lot of new technological data has been accumulated in 10 years. Scaling and researching them is difficult and slow. To this end, the use of AI is necessary for military future research purposes.

Understanding AI Terms: What is Input Data?

Companies across industries are considering whether, and how, to utilize artificial intelligence (AI). Once developed, an AI can be utilized in a variety of different ways. Input data is data added to an artificial intelligence (AI) to explain a problem, situation, or request. Input data may be cleaned, labeled, and organized, or it may be raw data. Often an AI is asked to create or synthesize information based on input data and the AI’s algorithm (which itself might have been fine-tuned or trained using a separate data set) in order to create new data (“output data”). AI can also be used to make decisions if it is tasked with deciding the outcome of a question (“decision making”).