UAP technology Research, Development, Test, and Evaluations, Safety reports.

It helps to understand the UAP propulsion suitable for sudden entry into airspace: "Vortex warp drive system" development

Aids technical understanding of wormhole activity and UAP wormhole flight: "Wormhole airspace detection radar prototype" development


It helps to detect UAP suitable for sudden airspace entry: "Dimensional airspace entry detection radar prototype" development 


Safety reports:

  • Airspace security analysis
  • Satellite security analysis
  • Critical experiments on the International Space Station
  • The incompatible threat of UAP technology and human technology differences level Identification with video and photo analysis, reverse engineering of the UAP (in CAD modeling):                                                                                                           

Technological identifications:

2. technology level 

3. technology level  (star level optical energy systems, technology)