Area of institutional cooperation, development:  LTH-1, LTB-2, LTB-3, LTA-1, TD-1, wormhole antenna

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In my opinion, wormhole caused the crash. In 99% of cases, the wormhole is not visible visually, we only see it in the form of an accident, because we cannot yet detect it in advance. Accidents caused by wormholes are a function of wormhole diameter and central aircraft localization. Classification: wormhole appearing in outer airspace. Operating a wormhole antenna on board an aircraft can prove the problem caused by the phenomenon.  Mechanical and electronic failure is a secondary cause. Wormhole consequence. Therefore, it is difficult to identify. Wormhole accident.... ( on video)

  • US Airways 427 Date: 09.08.1994 -   Wormhole accident....
  • Airlines 585, Eastwind Airlines 517 -   Wormhole accident....
  • Boeing 737-201 XA-UHZ 05.18.2018 -  Wormhole accident....


LTH-1, LTB-2, LTB-3, LTA-1, TD-1  R&D