Study technical

Dimension manipulation can be proven by the fact that an (object, energy orb)  in local point (A) disappears after activating the spatial structure and appears at a more distant local point (B). The dimensional manipulation of the LTH-1 vortex warp drive creates this physical process at the "energy orb" level. Working prototype. The operation of the LTH-1 equipment shows the actual mechanism of flying faster than the speed of light (dimensional passage in space). It is possible to influence the structure of space-time by purposefully interacting with it. This works. Electromagnetic, microwave systems, nuclear systems, Warp Bubble, these only occupy the medium of space-time, but cannot cause an activating effect, which could create a spontaneous energy or object dimensional transfer with minimal energy. The distance between two remote planets by dimensional manipulation, if we only apply interaction to the medium of space-time, even at the theoretical level, requires so much energy that it is impossible to create propulsion for it. Thus, only the LTH-1 prototype remains, which is functionally and in terms of energy provision suitable as a suitable engine for the dimensional manipulation. It is one thing to act on the medium of space-time with added energies, and another physical construction to activate it.